Revolutionizing Vitamin C

Pharma-C THD Active C Serum™

Pharma-C THD Active C Serum™ with patented THD Active C™ is an advanced Vitamin C formula featuring 15% THD (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate). This potent topical Vitamin C serum has been shown to be one of the most stable forms of Vitamin C available in the skincare industry. Pharma-C THD Active C Serum™ delivers ascorbic acid formulated for maximum skin absorption and maximum antioxidant protection. Pharma-C THD Active C Serum™ has been shown to improve the appearance of aged skin by providing one of collagen’s important cofactors.
• Fifty times more powerful than ascorbic acid
• Reduces damage from the sun and the environment
• Helps to balance pigmented skin
• Animal and Gluten Free
• Promotes collagen synthesis and protection
• No Parabens or Petrochemicals